Building Virtual Infrastructure – Chicago and Milwaukee

Server area network interconnects

After Storage Field Day this week, I’m back out on the road May 1 and 2 in Chicago and Milwaukee for two more in my Building Virtual Infrastructure seminar series. Produced in conjunction with Truth in IT, this series focuses on challenging conventional wisdom in data center infrastructure for server virtualization. It’s also a bit of a refresher course on the unique features of hypervisors, and the challenges of building infrastructure to support them.

Updated Content

After expanding my content for my Boston event earlier this month, I’m revisiting the content once again for Chicago and Milwaukee. This time around, I’m trying better to explain and illustrate concepts like the server area network, low latency flash cards, and virtual I/O.

The overall flow of the event remains the same, however: we begin with an overview of the virtual data center concept, then talk in detail about servers, storage, and networks. We have some great presenters from sponsoring companies interspersed throughout the day, and I hear we will have upgraded lunch options as well.

My favorite part remains the final hour, where I sit and talk with folks in detail about whatever they want. This lets me dive deep in areas that people really care about. In Boston, we talked quite a bit about NAND flash and the various uses of SSD and PCI express cards. most events have also dived into security, as well as the unique features of Microsoft’s recently named Windows server 2012.

Why You Should Attend

What’s so great about the seminar? Why have we gotten such amazing ratings from our audiences, and positive reactions from our sponsors?

It’s really all about the content. Nothing is more relevant right now than the fundamental transformation of the data center due to server virtualization technology. Although I’d like to take credit for making the seminar amusing and entertaining, this revolution in the data center is so compelling, it pretty much speaks for itself.

Yet not everyone has the ability to see the big picture when it comes to virtualization of IT infrastructure. It’s all so new, It helps to have someone explain it in plain English from a 50,000 foot perspective. Then, as mentioned above, it’s awesome to be able to dive deep into certain areas of the content.

But you’re not just coming to hear me talk: the sponsors and especially your fellow attendees have lots of great information of their own. This diversity of opinions is what helps me make up my mind about what’s real and what’s “marketecture” and I bet most folks in the industry could benefit as well.

Chicago, April 30 and May 1

Stephenbeers/vBeers/Storagebeers Chicago, April 30

My week begins in Chicago on April 30, where I’m hoping to get together a group of folks for dinner, socializing, and geeking out. Call it vBeers, storagebeers, or just Stephenbeers, but come and hang out and let’s talk tech! I’m looking forward to seeing John and Erin Walsh, Brent OzarMatthew Leib, Larry Orloff, among others, Monday night. Maybe even some special guests?
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Building Virtual Infrastructure Chicago, May 1

I’ll spend all day May 1 with the seminar in Chicago. It is being held at the Doubletree Hotel on the Magnificent Mile. Registration is required if you would like to attend the seminar, but space is still available, and Truth and IT assures me that they will expand the room if needed to accommodate additional folks.

Milwaukee, May 1 and 2

Stephenbeers/vBeers/Storagebeers Milwaukee, May 1

I also like to get together with a group of friends in Milwaukee on the evening of May 1 for another “Stephenbeers”gathering. I’m talking with a number of my friends in the area, and I’m sure we’ll have a place lined up shortly. Maybe the Miller Time Pub? This is actually the first time I’ve been to Milwaukee, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the city is all about! I hear Bob Plankers and Derek Schauland will be there, too!
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Building Virtual Infrastructure Milwaukee, May 2

The Building Virtual Infrastructure seminar will be held all day, Wednesday, May 2, at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center Hotel. Once again, attendance is free for qualified end-users and registration remains open.

Come join me for Building Virtual Infrastructure!

Sign up to attend my seminars in Chicago on May 1 or Milwaukee on May 2! Watch this space, drop me an email, or contact me on twitter if you’d like to get involved in the evening events, or just to let me know that you’ll see me at the seminar!