Building Virtual Infrastructure – Boston, MA

I’m heading to Boston today for my next event. The Building Virtual Infrastructure seminar series has been better than I could have hoped, with my Atlanta and Los Angeles dates packed with enthusiastic folks I’d never met before. For Boston, I’ve dramatically revamped the seminar content, hoping better to illustrate my points.

One of the most frustrating things for the speaker is walking into an empty room. So far, this has not been a problem when it comes to this Truth in IT seminar series. Every event has been packed, and the polling shows that the audience is new to me and my seminars. This is another wonderful aspect of this series: No one wants to talk to the same people every time! Curtis, Reed, Robin, David, and all the rest deserve a ton of credit for putting together a great event!

I’m also thrilled to have some of my favorite companies sponsoring the event. Even better, their speakers have been paying attention to my content, and weaving their presentation into mine in a way that adds value for the audience. This is much better than the jarring sales pitch you get at some similar events.

The interactive audience response system that Truth in IT uses has functioned very well, so I’ve added a number of additional questions and plan to share the results on my website in the future. The live audience seems to very much enjoy the results as well, and there’s always quite a bit of surprise at the variety of infrastructure scale present in the room. We’ve had a number of businesses with more than 5000 virtual machines attend!

There’s been a lot of interest at the seminars in the new trend of server area networks, from InfiniBand to PCI express to converged Ethernet. This was a personal goal of mine, since I’m interested in challenging the status quo for server design. This is also true for virtual desktop environments, for which there is no status quo infrastructure design! So that’s one area I’ve beefed up the content.

If you would like to attend my seminar in Boston on April 10, or my upcoming seminars in Chicago and Milwaukee on May 1 and 2, I urge you to head over to the sign-up page at Truth in IT!

  • Dennis Gee

    Looking forward to this in New York.  Can’t figure out where the TBA is located, though.