We Live in the Future: Robotic Cat Litter Boxes!

Here it is - the Litter Robot!

This post is a bit of a break from my usual gadget-fest, but the object in question isn’t that far off: It requires electricity, costs more than average humans can justify, and simplifies a task we’ve all been doing fine up until now. That’s right: An overly-expensive electric cat litter box. Predictably, I love it.

Friday Fun With Hard Drives

Let’s end this terrifying week on a positive note by exploring the many fun things you can do with old dead hard drives. LED Display Clock First up is this LED display/clock. It consists of a series of colored LED lights which flash on and off below a slot cut in the hard drive platter. The […]

Amazon MP3 Friday 5

I know this will sound like an ad, but please don’t take it that way.  I love Amazon’s selection of MP3 downloads – they’re DRM-free and uniformly cheaper than iTunes.  And the company has a download app that integrates nicely with iTunes (unlike the eternally-borken Emusic manager). I was surprised this morning with an email […]