Networking Field Day 8

I can't really explain this photo. Networking Field Day just gets crazy sometimes...

If you’re interested in networking, I highly recommend tuning in to the video stream live this week for Networking Field Day 8! You’ll see 9 different networking companies present their technology, products, and people to an international Tech Field Day delegate panel, and you can participate online through Twitter.

Cisco UCS “Grand Slam” Event

TFD Roundtable Cisco

Cisco UCS has taken the server market by storm, with some analysts saying it’s the “Apple” of the market, taking the majority of the profits with lower market share. Although UCS hasn’t evolved as quickly as some competitors, that’s all set to change this week with a new Cisco launch. Join me, Tech Field Day, and Cisco for the UCS “Grand Slam” event in New York and see what’s next!

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2014

Dimitri Stiliadis of Nuage Networks is one of the presenters returning for Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld

As most of my readers know, I also run the Tech Field Day event series, bringing independent voices in IT together with interesting companies in our space. This year, we’re running a full-blown Tech Field Day event at VMworld, the largest we’ve ever put together. Although there’s no live audience for Tech Field Day apart from the delegate panel, I invite you to watch online!

Truth in Storage: Minneapolis and Chicago

Target Plaza and West

This week I’m back on the road for another pair of seminars in my Truth in Storage series with Truth in IT. These seminars are really enjoyable for me, since I am able to talk Storage tech for hours on end. It’s great to be back on the storage topic, after two years of trying […]

PacITPros TechDays SF

That's me with Janelle Crothers, Ed Horley, and Jessica DeVita, all of whom I'll see at PacITPros TechDays SF this week!

This week I’m off to San Francisco to attend two events: Fusion-io promises to “change the way you look at flash storage” on Wednesday, and I’ll be presenting on Microsoft Windows storage technologies at PacITPros TechDays SF on Thursday! I don’t actually know much about the Fusion-io event. It’s not secret, and I’m sure I’ll be […]

Is Storage the Killer App for Software-Defined Networking?


Software Defined Networking (SDN) has always looked a bit like a solution in search of a problem, at least in the enterprise data center. But there are lots of potential applications that need a dynamic and scalable network. In my mind, storage is chief among these, since scalability and flexibility has always been extremely difficult to achieve.

Software-Defined Data Center Symposium, April 22 in Santa Clara, CA

SDDC14 Foskett

I’ve written and spoken quite a bit on the “software-defined” future, what it means and how it will come about. Although it seems like a marketing buzzword to some, I feel it is a fairly accurate description of the future of the enterprise and service provider data center. That’s why I’m working to organize the next Software-Defined Data Center Symposium, and am happy to announce that it will be held in Santa Clara, CA on April 22, 2014.

Webinar: Size Does Matter (In Storage)

Sometimes, size does matter!

I don’t often do webinars, but I am happy to join when the topic, the guests, and the agenda are right. And that’s what I’ve got this week, as I join a Gridstore webinar with two fantastic guests: Geoff Barrall, founder of BlueArc, Drobo, and Connected Data, and George Symons, who you might run into […]