March 21, 2014

Software-Defined Data Center Symposium, April 22 in Santa Clara, CA

SDDC14 Foskett

I’ve written and spoken quite a bit on the “software-defined” future, what it means and how it will come about. Although it seems like a marketing buzzword to some, I feel it is a fairly accurate description of the future of the enterprise and service provider data center. That’s why I’m working to organize the next Software-Defined Data Center Symposium, and am happy to announce that it will be held in Santa Clara, CA on April 22, 2014.

Webinar: Size Does Matter (In Storage)

Sometimes, size does matter!

I don’t often do webinars, but I am happy to join when the topic, the guests, and the agenda are right. And that’s what I’ve got this week, as I join a Gridstore webinar with two fantastic guests: Geoff Barrall, founder of BlueArc, Drobo, and Connected Data, and George Symons, who you might run into [...]

Truth in Storage: The Next Generation – Announcing My 2014 Seminar Series

TiS 2014 Title Slide

This year for my Truth in IT seminars, I’m shifting away from virtualization to focus on enterprise storage once again. But this won’t be any ordinary “storage 101” seminar. Rather than trying to talk about every element, I’m focused on what’s new!

Storage Field Day 4: Live This Week!

Chris Wahl asks a question

It’s time once again for Storage Field Day! As most of my blog readers are aware, I run the Tech Field Day event series, bringing together experts in various IT fields with key companies for a few days of deep technical discussion. This week it’s our fourth event focused on enterprise storage, and it’s going to be big!

Miami and Tampa: Wrapping Up The Truth About Virtualization Seminar Series


There are nine cities down and two more to go for my 2014 Truth in IT seminar series, “The Truth About Virtualization.” As I wrap things up in Miami and Tampa, I’ll be looking forward to my 2014 schedule, which takes me to fifteen cities and sees a shift back to storage.

Storage Field Day 3 Is Here!

SFD Logo

As most of my readers are probably aware, I run the Tech Field Day event series, bringing in a panel of independent IT folks like myself with cool companies. This week is Storage Field Day 3, and I thought you might like to know a bit about what we’ve got planned!

Storagebeers, Joey Bellevue, Tuesday, Feb 19

I Heart Storage

Do you love storage? Are you in the Seattle area? Join us for Storagebeers tonight at Joey Bellevue!

Fasting to Mitigate Jet Lag: Surprise! It Works!

Oh yes! A real breakfast to break my fast!

I’m a frequent traveler, and thus a frequently suffer from moderate jet lag. It’s just so hard to adjust to a new time zone! But I recently stumbled on a simple method many claim helps your internal clock re-calibrate to travel. After trying it out on my trip to Australia last week, I’m convinced it can help!

Australia VMUG User Conferences, Melbourne and Sydney

Everybody uses Sydney Harbour to illustrate Australia, so I will too. This apocalyptic Tsunehisa Kimura artwork is the cover of Midnight Oil's Red Sails in the Sunset, one of my all-time favorite albums!

I’ve been invited to give keynote speeches at the Melbourne and Sydney VMware User Conference events! I’m really looking forward to seeing Australia, meeting up with great friends there, and giving some all-new session talks!

Dell World 2012: A Retrospective

The Austin Convention Center was awash in "Dell blue" last week

Dell invited me to attend their Dell World conference in Austin, Texas last week, and it was an enlightening experience.