How to Use Mac OS X Sparse Bundle Disk Images

Select the location to write the image, then choose "sparsebundle disk image" before setting the size. You can add encryption here, too, and the tool will ask for a passphrase when you click "Create".

I’m a big fan of “sparse bundle” disk images in Mac OS X. They allow me to create encrypted repositories for valuable data that can efficiently be rsync-ed between disks and don’t waste a lot of space. So I thought I’d write up a bit on what they are and how they can be used.

How To Remove Apple Music on iPhone and Mac (Mostly)

Turn off Apple Music iOS

Apple Music is a new all-streaming service that is rolled out with the latest updates to iOS and iTunes, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Many people already have a streaming service of choice (I’m a Pandora subscriber) yet Apple defaults to their service every time the Music or iTunes app is opened. Thankfully, you can turn this off. Here’s how.

Blatant Fraud At Amazon: Do Something About It!

A brand new MacBook Pro for $550? What could possibly go wrong?

This is not a link blog, but I just had to highlight this blatant fraudulent activity at Amazon reported by my friend Lee Badman. A quick glance shows that the same thing is widespread – too-good prices on items offered off-Amazon with payment through gift cards. It’s a straight-up scam, and I wonder how many people have been hurt by it and why Amazon hasn’t done anything to stop it!

A Watch Guy’s Review of the Apple Watch

This photo caused the watch nerds on Reddit to squeal in horror!

Is the Apple Watch a personal communication revolution like the iPhone, a well-executed gadget like the Apple TV, or a total miss? Does it mark the end of the the world as we know it for watches? And what’s it like to use one? I’m a watch guy and a gadget guy, so perhaps my perspective will be of some value.

Why Big Disk Drives Require Data Integrity Checking

You might think RAID is for data protection, but it does nothing of the sort!

Hard disk drives keep getting bigger, meaning capacity just keeps getting cheaper. But storage capacity is like money: The more you have, the more you use. And this growth in capacity means that data is at risk from a very old nemesis: Unrecoverable Read Errors (URE).

Selling Fashion: My Thoughts on the Apple Watch, Part 4

Clearly Apple has already learned many lessons from fashion boutiques, and their Stores are legendary in the retail industry

The Apple Watch we saw this week is not a transformative product. It’s simply a very well-executed smart watch, and like every other option in this category seems lost as to what it’s supposed to be used for. And the physical design is a serious miss for Jony Ive and company, a tasteless rectangular blob. So how can Apple sell these things?

The Fashion Function: My Thoughts on the Apple Watch, Part 3

The physical design of the Apple Watch is disappointing. It's a bland blob relying on straps for "life".

Apple previewed their 2015 Apple Watch this week, and I’m not entirely convinced that they have a hit on their hands. Rather than a transformative punch, Apple showed an unfocused product that can’t figure out just what it’s supposed to be. The software side can improve dramatically before launch, but what about the physical design?

Hodgepodge: My Thoughts on the Apple Watch, Part 2

Just look at this home screen! What exactly is the Apple Watch designed to do? Everything?!?

The current Apple Watch doesn’t look that great. Apple previewed an unfocused product that needs quite a bit more development to be “insanely great.” Perhaps the software situation will improve by launch time, with Apple figuring out just what this thing is supposed to be and focusing on that. But it’s doubtful that the physical design will be altered much.

Transformative Success – My Thoughts on the Apple Watch, Part 1

iPads are everywhere, transforming life for ordinary people

Although it won’t be available for purchase for months, Apple just announced the new standard in smart watches and wearable computers. It’s as far ahead of the status quo as the iPhone was from the “smart” phone pack on its introduction back in 2007. But as it stands, the Apple Watch doesn’t transform the market: Although it will undoubtedly capture most of the smart watch market, this isn’t yet a transformative product for modern society like the iPhone or iPad.