August 30, 2014

The PNY StorEDGE is a Must-Have MacBook Accessory

PNY StorEDGE and friends

Although I appreciate Apple’s decision to go all-SSD on the MacBook line, it does cause some problems capacity-wise. Even 256 GB is an expensive proposition from Apple, and it’s not easy or cheap to expand storage on these laptops. One option is a fast USB 3 drive like the SanDisk Extreme, and there’s also some external Thunderbolt [...]

Mac OS X Bug: ExFAT Hangs Spotlight and Time Machine

mdworker: (Warning) Import: Bad path:

I’ve had terrible issues with Mac OS X never completing Spotlight indexing and Time Machine backups. I was pulling out my hair until I decided to check the console log. That’s when I saw this: Thousands of mdworker errors, with a dozen appearing every second. What could it mean?

Sony QX100 Lens Camera: Ruined by a Flaky iOS App

You'll see this screen a lot, since the QX100 and iOS PlayMemories app do not get along well: "Search the shooting device from the network setting of the terminal and set it"

I was thrilled by the possibilities of adding a professional-quality camera sensor and lens to my iPhone, so I immediately pre-ordered Sony’s DSC-QX100 “lens camera”. It held so much promise, not just as a real innovation but also as a major productivity tool. That’s why I’m angry to write this, a scathing review of the horrid software that ruins the QX10 and QX100 experience. Do not buy this device.

What To Do When Your Iomega USB 3.0 SSD Fails

When the connector fails, your fancy Iomega SSD becomes an expensive paperweight

Back in 2011, Iomega sent me a fantastic surprise: A blistering fast 256 GB USB 3.0 SSD. My review was extremely positive, since it really was state of the art at the time. However, like most buyers, my experience has since turned sour as the USB connector failed. Here’s how to recover some usability from it.

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Serious Camera (For Real!)

Yes, it's really a complete camera inside that "lens"!

The new Sony “Lens-Style Camera” is a bold move, bringing high-end optics and sensors to smartphones everywhere. The new QX10 and QX100 strip away the camera body, consisting of just a lens, sensor, and rudimentary controls, and rely on an Android or iOS smartphone as a screen and sharing device.

Microsoft’s Big Chance to Change

Steve Ballmer oversaw a decade of "meh" at Microsoft. It's time for new leadership.

It takes a truly-remarkable leader to be willing to kill his old golden geese to make room for a new one; so far, only Apple and Amazon seem willing to forgo continuity in the name of profitable destruction. But new corporate leadership at Microsoft might un-stick the company and awaken the once-innovative Redmond powerhouse. The retirement of Steve Ballmer is welcome news.

Cable Matters USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter: Hands-On Review

Cable Matters clearly intended to target Mac users with this white Ethernet adapter and its Apple-esque packaging

Should you buy a Cable Matters USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapter for your Mac or PC? On the hardware and software side, it seems fine. Once the drivers are installed, it functions adequately. But I am deeply concerned that a vendor that would cut corners on the MAC address and OUI would cut corners other places, leaving me skeptical about the company and its products. Therefore, I cannot recommend this device.

Apple Brings PCIe SSD To The Masses In The New MacBook Air

A PCIe SSD cuts out the SATA "middle man", offering 10 Gpbs from a dedicated PCI Express lane!

Apple’s brand-new MacBook Air might not look much from the outside, but a revolution lurks under the hood: This is the first mainstream computer to eschew SATA in favor of PCIe SSD! Long heralded in workstations and servers, PCIe SSD brings massive potential for storage performance.

Why Are PCIe SSDs So Fast?

PCIe SSDs run at full PCIe speed (5 Gbps or more) and are optimized internally for better performance

The world of storage can be confusing, with obscure terms hiding massive differences in technology and performance. Such is the case for the latest PCI express SSDs: They are much faster than traditional SAS or SATA SSDs, but many aren’t sure exactly why. In this article, I will try to explain the real difference.

Repurposing an Older iMac As a Monitor and Server

The Mini DisplayPort connector can turn a 27" iMac into an expensive monitor

Long-time readers of my blog may remember my adventures with my 2009 27″ iMac – adding eSATA, displaying all of Hamlet, and turning it into a monitor. That last bit has become increasingly handy lately, as I’ve repurposed that now-old iMac as a monitor and server. Here are some tips, tricks, and lessons if you’d like to do the same!