How Many Social Media Marketing Campaigns Fit Into a Mini Cooper?

I’ve witnessed quite a few publicity stunts from IT industry companies, many of which include over-the-top videos. But it’s rare to find one that’s actually amusing and informative. That’s why I was so pleased to discover a new video from Symantec on YouTube: It’s silly and fun, well produced, and actually tells us something about data de-duplication! Take a look yourself, and let me know what you think.

A Better Way to Dedupe Data: Dedupe Everywhere

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Stephen’s Stance

If you’ve been following the IT industry and my blog for a while, you probably recall the Mini Cooper stunts EMC pulled earlier in 2011: They packed a bunch of contortionists into a Mini at their New York event, while simultaneously parking a bunch of logo covered cars in front of NetApp headquarters. This was intended to demonstrate something about storage, but the exact point escaped me. In the end, the whole thing seems mean-spirited and pointless.

The Symantec video included here is an entirely different animal. It’s exactly the sort of thing I approve of: A lighthearted look at a serious technical topic with only a gentle poke at the “opposition”. And I bet producing this video was a lot less expensive than hiring an acrobat school! Let’s hear it for social media!

Disclaimer: Symantec is a frequent presenter at Tech Field Day and I have worked with them often on other projects. But this post is my own idea and I’m getting no compensation related to this video. I just liked it and wanted to spread the word!

  • Chris Norton

    Good stuff. It’s was so easy, even this caveman understood the point. Hope you’re well. Oh yeah, visit my blog, too, Steve 😉