Adding a Second Ethernet Port to an Intel NUC via Mini PCIe

That's a Syba Mini PCIe Gigabit Ethernet NIC inside a fourth-generation Intel NUC!

As I mentioned in my previous post about Raspberry Pi power monitoring, I recently built a VMware vSphere “datacenter” from three Intel NUC mini PC’s. One limit of the NUC is that it has just one Ethernet port. But there’s a Mini PCIe slot inside the fourth-generation NUC that can be used to add a second Ethernet NIC!

Blatant Fraud At Amazon: Do Something About It!

A brand new MacBook Pro for $550? What could possibly go wrong?

This is not a link blog, but I just had to highlight this blatant fraudulent activity at Amazon reported by my friend Lee Badman. A quick glance shows that the same thing is widespread – too-good prices on items offered off-Amazon with payment through gift cards. It’s a straight-up scam, and I wonder how many people have been hurt by it and why Amazon hasn’t done anything to stop it!

Having Trouble Keeping Your Cool? You Need Some AC Infinity Fans!

The AC Infinity smart controller and fans help cool my computer cabinet

I’m pleased with the solution to my cabinet cooling problems. The AC Infinity fans are quiet and effective, especially in combination with the AI-ATC smart controller. My drives can now keep their cool with the cabinet door closed and I had fun designing and 3D printing the mounting bracket. The best part is the cost: The whole package of fans and controller cost under $60 shipped!

3D Print a Seagate GoFlex Dock Adapter for 2.5″ Hard Disk Drives

The adapter and wedge fit just about any 2.5" laptop hard disk drive

The Seagate Free Agent GoFlex Docks were an excellent product, allowing interchange of hard disk drives and connectivity protocols. They made USB 3, FireWire, and even NAS docks for these hard disk drives. But the connector is standard SATA and could be used with any drive. So I created a 3D printable adapter and released it on Thingiverse!

Why Big Disk Drives Require Data Integrity Checking

You might think RAID is for data protection, but it does nothing of the sort!

Hard disk drives keep getting bigger, meaning capacity just keeps getting cheaper. But storage capacity is like money: The more you have, the more you use. And this growth in capacity means that data is at risk from a very old nemesis: Unrecoverable Read Errors (URE).