September 1, 2014

Cisco UCS “Grand Slam” Event

TFD Roundtable Cisco

Cisco UCS has taken the server market by storm, with some analysts saying it’s the “Apple” of the market, taking the majority of the profits with lower market share. Although UCS hasn’t evolved as quickly as some competitors, that’s all set to change this week with a new Cisco launch. Join me, Tech Field Day, and Cisco for the UCS “Grand Slam” event in New York and see what’s next!

The Fat Middle: Today’s Enterprise Storage Array

Today's storage arrays live in the fat middle of the market, striking a balance between capacity and performance

Ask any project manager if it’s possible to deliver something that is fast, good, and cheap, and they’ll laugh. The phenomenon known as the Iron Triangle limits just about everything in the world from meeting all three conflicting requirements. Yet, for the last two decades, enterprise storage array vendors have been trying to deliver just this. How’s that working out?

Beta Testing United’s Wi-Fi-Based In-Flight Entertainment

There were lots of Marvell and Disney movie options

I got to try out the new in-flight entertainment system from United Airlines on this morning’s flight from Cleveland to San Francisco. This Wi-Fi-based system allows streaming of movies and TV shows to laptops and apple iPad and iPhone devices and is much more satisfying than the old ceiling- or seat-mounted systems.

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2014

Dimitri Stiliadis of Nuage Networks is one of the presenters returning for Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld

As most of my readers know, I also run the Tech Field Day event series, bringing independent voices in IT together with interesting companies in our space. This year, we’re running a full-blown Tech Field Day event at VMworld, the largest we’ve ever put together. Although there’s no live audience for Tech Field Day apart from the delegate panel, I invite you to watch online!

Cloud & General Virtualization Panel at #VMUnderground Opening Acts, #VMworld 2014

What would you do to get in to VMunderground?

I’ll be part of the “Cloud & General Virtualization” panel at 3pm. Moderated by Leah Schoeb, this panel also includes Stu Miniman, Sean Clark, Hugo Phan, Aaron Delp, and little old me. How cloudy!

#VMEspresso with @SolarWinds at #VMworld: “Storage I/O is About to Get Crazy”

Join me for #VMEspresso at #VMworld courtesy of @SWI_Systems

Join me for “Storage I/O is About to Get Crazy”! I’ll be speaking on Tuesday morning, August 26, at 7:30 AM at Jillian’s San Francisco, right on the corner next to Moscone and the rest of VMworld. SolarWinds is sponsoring this talk and will provide breakfast (including gourmet coffee) to any and all registered VMworld attendees.

Why is DataGravity Such a Big Deal?

My God, It's Full of Data!

DataGravity is coming to market with a mainstream product differentiated by unique features at a reasonable price. Although similar data management technology has existed for a long time, DataGravity is bringing it to the IT infrastructure market at no additional cost. The questions are simple: Will IT want a new array with these capabilities? And will DataGravity have the resources to mature their initial product to compete with “real” e-discovery solutions?

EMC Redefine Possible (TL;DR Edition)

As Jeremy Burton says, "architecture matters"

EMC made quite a few announcements today at their “Redefine Possible” event in London. There’s a lot of coverage out there already, so I decided to present a summary of the whole thing in “too long; didn’t read” (TL;DR) fashion.

EMC Acquires TwinStrata

Jeremy Burton of EMC announces the TwinStrata acquisition

TwinStrata is a technologically impressive cloud gateway for enterprise, and as of now it’s part of EMC. This was the biggest news so far from today’s “Redefine Possible” event in London, which I’m attending. TwinStrata was founded in 2007 and has been shipping product since 2010. Their “cloud integrated storage” product is mainly known for adding iSCSI [...]

Cloud Without Virtualization

Gigaom Structure 2014

Lots of folks conflate cloud computing and virtualization, but these are not necessarily intrinsically related. Although most cloud servers today use a hypervisor like KVM or Xen to share compute hardware, there’s no reason it has to be this way. My takeaway from Gigaom Structure this week is that an alternative paradigm is emerging: Cloud without [...]