Blatant Fraud At Amazon: Do Something About It!

A brand new MacBook Pro for $550? What could possibly go wrong?

This is not a link blog, but I just had to highlight this blatant fraudulent activity at Amazon reported by my friend Lee Badman. A quick glance shows that the same thing is widespread – too-good prices on items offered off-Amazon with payment through gift cards. It’s a straight-up scam, and I wonder how many people have been hurt by it and why Amazon hasn’t done anything to stop it!

A Watch Guy’s Review of the Apple Watch

This photo caused the watch nerds on Reddit to squeal in horror!

Is the Apple Watch a personal communication revolution like the iPhone, a well-executed gadget like the Apple TV, or a total miss? Does it mark the end of the the world as we know it for watches? And what’s it like to use one? I’m a watch guy and a gadget guy, so perhaps my perspective will be of some value.

Regarding My Symbolic Links and Good Reads

I have a "link blog" of interesting tech articles (and another for personal stuff!)

I’ve been told that my shares drive traffic to the blogs I read. I’m thrilled that I can share great writing with you in this way, and I hope you find it valuable! But just in case you don’t, I hope you’ll take advantage of the fact that I filter these posts for you into “Symbolic Links” and “Good Reads” so you’ll find it easier to ignore them.

EMC and Cisco: “Our Love Will Endure Forever”

No two companies in history have as lasting and productive a partnership as EMC and Cisco. And that love will go on forever, no matter what you may have heard. In this special April 1 post, I’ll examine all the ways these two were meant for each other.

Having Trouble Keeping Your Cool? You Need Some AC Infinity Fans!

The AC Infinity smart controller and fans help cool my computer cabinet

I’m pleased with the solution to my cabinet cooling problems. The AC Infinity fans are quiet and effective, especially in combination with the AI-ATC smart controller. My drives can now keep their cool with the cabinet door closed and I had fun designing and 3D printing the mounting bracket. The best part is the cost: The whole package of fans and controller cost under $60 shipped!

3D Print a Seagate GoFlex Dock Adapter for 2.5″ Hard Disk Drives

The adapter and wedge fit just about any 2.5" laptop hard disk drive

The Seagate Free Agent GoFlex Docks were an excellent product, allowing interchange of hard disk drives and connectivity protocols. They made USB 3, FireWire, and even NAS docks for these hard disk drives. But the connector is standard SATA and could be used with any drive. So I created a 3D printable adapter and released it on Thingiverse!

Cloud Services Don’t Buy Boxes, But Service Providers Might

SolidFire's analyst day got me thinking about the difference between service providers and Service Providers

IT is changing, with cloud service providers and DevOps opening new avenues just as traditional datacenters are declining. But I’m always puzzled when a company tells me they’re selling their boxes into the cloud. If there’s a mega-trend for cloud services, it’s using commodity hardware, not proprietary appliances. These guys had better get their heads on straight!