Diablo Memory 1 Takes Memory Channel Flash To The Next Level

As shown in this slide from Diablo, Memory 1 is cheaper than DRAM while delivering massive capacity

Memory 1 is the next game-changer from Diablo. I’ve been very impressed by the company’s offerings in the past, and this is the logical next step for them. And it ought to be absolutely killer since it no longer requires special motherboard tweaks. I expect it’s going to be huge in the cloud datacenter.

How to Use Mac OS X Sparse Bundle Disk Images

Select the location to write the image, then choose "sparsebundle disk image" before setting the size. You can add encryption here, too, and the tool will ask for a passphrase when you click "Create".

I’m a big fan of “sparse bundle” disk images in Mac OS X. They allow me to create encrypted repositories for valuable data that can efficiently be rsync-ed between disks and don’t waste a lot of space. So I thought I’d write up a bit on what they are and how they can be used.

Waves of Storage Innovation

Innovation comes in waves, undermining the status quo

Waves of innovation and waves of companies, crash on the storage market, but the same incumbent leaders and product lines survive for decades. Are things changing? It’s hard to see sometimes, but real progress has been made.

Today’s Storage: Same As It Ever Was

"You may ask yourself/well how did I get here?"

Data storage has always been one of the most conservative areas of enterprise IT. There is little tolerance for risk, and rightly so: Storage is persistent, long-lived, and must be absolutely reliable. Lose a server or network switch and there is the potential for service disruption or transient data corruption, but lose a storage array (and thus the data on it) and there can be serious business consequences.

How To Remove Apple Music on iPhone and Mac (Mostly)

Turn off Apple Music iOS

Apple Music is a new all-streaming service that is rolled out with the latest updates to iOS and iTunes, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Many people already have a streaming service of choice (I’m a Pandora subscriber) yet Apple defaults to their service every time the Music or iTunes app is opened. Thankfully, you can turn this off. Here’s how.

Faster Ethernet Gets Weird

Get ready for 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 40, 50, and 100 Gb Ethernet, all at once!

“One size fits all” doesn’t work for Ethernet, but this proliferation of speed options sounds like trouble without automatic capability negotiation. It’s nice to have options, but the IEEE must remain focused on interoperability and rein in the interests of the various companies proposing next-generation Ethernet technologies.

Adding a Second Ethernet Port to an Intel NUC via Mini PCIe

That's a Syba Mini PCIe Gigabit Ethernet NIC inside a fourth-generation Intel NUC!

As I mentioned in my previous post about Raspberry Pi power monitoring, I recently built a VMware vSphere “datacenter” from three Intel NUC mini PC’s. One limit of the NUC is that it has just one Ethernet port. But there’s a Mini PCIe slot inside the fourth-generation NUC that can be used to add a second Ethernet NIC!