April 1, 2015

Three Key Tools To Help You Keep Your Cool

The AC Infinity smart controller and fans help cool my computer cabinet

I’m pleased with the solution to my cabinet cooling problems. The AC Infinity fans are quiet and effective, especially in combination with the AI-ATC smart controller. My drives can now keep their cool with the cabinet door closed and I had fun designing and 3D printing the mounting bracket. The best part is the cost: The whole package of fans and controller cost under $60 shipped!

You Can’t Plug Four Things Into One Hole. But Sometimes You Can.

This tiny USB 3.0 hub is mighty useful!

I’m a big believer in USB 3.0, having come to rely on it as part of the Tech Field Day video production workflow. But I’m also a believer in traveling light and reducing clutter in my computer bag. That’s why I’m thrilled about the Cable Matters Ultra-Mini 4-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Hub!

You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is To Convert!

The adapter and wedge fit just about any 2.5" laptop hard disk drive

The Seagate Free Agent GoFlex Docks were an excellent product, allowing interchange of hard disk drives and connectivity protocols. They made USB 3, FireWire, and even NAS docks for these hard disk drives. But the connector is standard SATA and could be used with any drive. So I created a 3D printable adapter and released it on Thingiverse!

No One Is Buying What They’re Selling. Until They Do.

SolidFire's analyst day got me thinking about the difference between service providers and Service Providers

IT is changing, with cloud service providers and DevOps opening new avenues just as traditional datacenters are declining. But I’m always puzzled when a company tells me they’re selling their boxes into the cloud. If there’s a mega-trend for cloud services, it’s using commodity hardware, not proprietary appliances. These guys had better get their heads on straight!

This Protocol Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


I had a little bit of a learning experience this week regarding NFS exports and Mac OS X that I thought would be interesting to share with my readers. It’s part “simple tip” and part “facepalm.”

The Whole World Is Moving Faster. But Some People Want More!

Who cares if your storage system "goes to eleven" if it can't stay there all day long?

Everyone wants to be the best, so outrageous claims of supremacy are as old as time. In IT, these claims often revolve around synthetic benchmarks chosen to highlight a system’s performance. Buyers have grown wary of these claims, smartly asking to try before they buy. But predictability is even more important than real-world testing, and this is particularly difficult for storage systems to achieve.

This Man’s Idea Could Change Everything.


Greg “EtherealMind” Ferro recently “mused” that it might be a good idea to replace PCI Express (PCIe) inside servers or rack-scale infrastructure with Ethernet. But this seems to be the exact opposite of the direction the industry is headed. Rather than replacing PCIe with Ethernet, companies like Intel seem set on replacing short-range Ethernet (in rack-scale systems) with PCIe!

Is Everything Getting Better? Or Worse?

VMware has adopted NFS 4.1

Way back in the 1990’s, UNIX admins delighted in upgrading from NFSv2 to NFSv3. Then NFSv4 came around and … crickets. Now VMware has become the first major/useful/mainstream application for NFSv4.1, so the floodgates are open! But are they?

New England Takes On Seattle To Determine Who’s Number 2 … In Tech!


Although New England ought to win that big football game, they’re losing when it comes to innovation and technology. Seattle and Austin are gaining rapidly, and Massachusetts has itself to blame thanks to oppressive non-compete clauses and the threat of litigation. As for Tech Field Day, look for us to return to Silicon Valley for seven of our nine full events in 2015. At least now you know why!