Stephen Foskett

My name is Stephen Foskett, and I’m a pack rat personally, though I’m the opposite professionally! I’ve worked as a vendor-independent IT/business consultant to end users for more than a decade, managing services and “doing the work” at companies like Paranet, StorageNetworks, GlassHouse Technologies, ContouralNirvanix, and now as Foskett Services.

I have been a contributing editor, columnist, and feature writer for industry publications, most notably TechTarget’s excellent Storage magazine, which I am proud to have been involved with since the first issue. I also speak at industry conferences, including a long-running stint giving the “storage 101” sessions at Storage Decisions, as well as teaching a full-day seminar on storage virtualization. I was awarded Microsoft MVP status in the area of File System Storage in 2008.

I now live in the little city of Hudson, Ohio, but spent most of my career in the Metro-West area of Massachusetts after graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor of Science degree in Society/Technology Studies. Most of my professional work has been with big companies, including at US Robotics/3Com, Texaco (in Houston), and major financial companies.

I have been married for over a decade, have three children, and have a wide set of personal interests, from sports cars and racing, computer history, literature and music, and the Boston Red Sox. I’ve also written and spoken on some of these topics in the past – particularly regarding watches, J. D. Salinger and my strange fixation on Mazda and Ferrari cars.

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