Wow That’s One Amazing SUV!

265 mph Ford Edge

I spotted this on a Ford commercial last night. Their new(ish) Edge SUV sure is fast! I imagine no other vehicle in any class even comes close to this top speed! Someone tell Bugatti and Pagani!

Update: Because I’ve been asked, here are the answers you seek:

  • The ad aired on the local educational access channel last night (10/17) around 10 PM
  • It was the “Ilissa swapped her Murano” ad
  • It was very polished and professional – a national ad not just some local botch
  • I recorded it on the TiVo, but since it’s a Series 3 I can’t download it until they enable TiVo ToGo next month…

And one more thing:  The Edge has a 265 horsepower V6 engine, in case you were wondering what they thought they were saying!