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As shown in this slide from Diablo, Memory 1 is cheaper than DRAM while delivering massive capacity

Diablo Memory 1 Takes Memory Channel Flash To The Next Level

Memory 1 is the next game-changer from Diablo. I’ve been very impressed by the company’s offerings in the past, and this is the logical next step for them. And it ought to be absolutely killer since it no longer requires special motherboard tweaks. I expect it’s going to be huge in the cloud datacenter.

The Thunderbolt extruder is a custom AIO Robotics design. Here it is in its element, printing a "wood" hex for a 3D Catan board!

Thoughts on the Modern Miracle of 3D Printing

Although I enjoy my AIO Robotics Zeus 3D printer, I’m under no illusions that it’s an economical or practical device. It’s a toy that takes me into the future, and I love being there!

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I have a "link blog" of interesting tech articles (and another for personal stuff!)

Regarding My Symbolic Links and Good Reads

I’ve been told that my shares drive traffic to the blogs I read. I’m thrilled that I can share great writing with you in this way, and I hope you find it valuable! But just in case you don’t, I hope you’ll take advantage of the fact that I filter these posts for you into “Symbolic Links” and “Good Reads” so you’ll find it easier to ignore them.

The third-generation drobo is just about the perfect home storage device

Generation 3 drobo: Fall In Love All Over Again

I remain a huge fan of drobo generally, and the third-generation drobo remains the best choice for home storage. It’s the perfect storage device for the long haul, and the performance improvements make it a no-brainer. Get one.

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Juniper Networks vMX Overview
Juniper Networks vSRX Demo
Juniper Networks vSRX Demo
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Juniper Networks vSRX Overview

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Chase Sapphire Preferred is "the kind of credit cards"

My Advice For New Business Travelers: Get The Credit Cards!

New business travelers first should sign up for a preferred hotel and airline program and focus their travel dollars there. Then, they should get a Chase Sapphire card or American Express Platinum card to earn points on travel and transfer those points to the hotel or airline program for redemption. Finally, they should consider getting the co-branded credit card for their hotel chain and airline of choice.


Edward Snowden Is Right: We Must Protect The Internet

Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower, appeared at TED2014. His video, embedded below, must be watched. You may think he’s a hero or you may think he’s a villain, but he’s unequivocally right about one thing: We must protect the integrity of the Internet and online communications or we risk disrupting the world economy and all of our lives.

That's right: I now have five Exchange ActiveSync accounts on my iPhone!

How To Set Up Multiple Exchange ActiveSync Accounts in iPhone iOS 4

Among the many exciting features of Apple’s version-4 iPhone OS is the long-awaited ability to sync to multiple Exchange ActiveSync servers. The new software, now dubbed iOS 4, can synchronize mail, contacts, and calendars between many different services that use Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync protocol, including Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010 and Google’s Gmail service.

Donate your conference backpacks to school kids in need!

Donate Your Swag to School Kids In Need

Trade shows are a veritable swag-fest, some with great loot and some with junk. I’ve been critical of the booth babe and chotchkie phenomenon, but my friend Kevin Houston has a better suggestion: Donate your (useful) swag like backpacks and pens to school kids in need.

This round thing has nothing to do with this post. I just thought it looked cool!

Preserving Your Credibility Is Your Prime Directive

I hope this post isn’t too “out in left field” but I thought it needed to be said. Independent social media has evolved into a powerful mechanism to influence belief, behavior, and (yes) buying. I take my little dollop of influence very seriously, and feel an incredible responsibility to live up to the trust placed in me by others. I will try every day not to let you all down!

Foskett NEX by H0bbel

Put that camera away and enjoy the view!

Photography is an act of observation and contemplation as much as a technical process. Although cameras, lenses, and (ugh!) flashes can seem cumbersome and intrusive, I ask for patience. I promise it’s not getting in the way of life like some entertainment device. My camera enhances my experience of the world!

To write or not to write?

How to Get Me to Write about Your Company or Product

Blog posts are really, really important for PR and awareness these days. And posts on independent sites like this one are critical to get awareness and search engine ranking. I get dozens of requests every week from companies wanting me to write about them. So I thought it would be a good idea to lay out exactly what it takes!

The NEX-7 is everything I hoped it would be and more. And maybe that's not as great a thing as I thought!

Sony NEX-7 Hands-On Review Part 1: The New Super-Camera

It took over five months, but Sony finally delivered my NEX-7 kit on March 8 (my birthday, natch!). After using the camera for a few weeks, I can say it’s exactly what I hoped it would be: A worthy upgrade over the NEX-5, and perhaps the best enthusiast camera on the market. But it’s not without flaws, including some surprising shortcomings. Here’s my hands-on review!