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A brand new MacBook Pro for $550? What could possibly go wrong?

Blatant Fraud At Amazon: Do Something About It!

This is not a link blog, but I just had to highlight this blatant fraudulent activity at Amazon reported by my friend Lee Badman. A quick glance shows that the same thing is widespread – too-good prices on items offered off-Amazon with payment through gift cards. It’s a straight-up scam, and I wonder how many people have been hurt by it and why Amazon hasn’t done anything to stop it!

I have a "link blog" of interesting tech articles (and another for personal stuff!)

Regarding My Symbolic Links and Good Reads

I’ve been told that my shares drive traffic to the blogs I read. I’m thrilled that I can share great writing with you in this way, and I hope you find it valuable! But just in case you don’t, I hope you’ll take advantage of the fact that I filter these posts for you into “Symbolic Links” and “Good Reads” so you’ll find it easier to ignore them.

The third-generation drobo is just about the perfect home storage device

Generation 3 drobo: Fall In Love All Over Again

I remain a huge fan of drobo generally, and the third-generation drobo remains the best choice for home storage. It’s the perfect storage device for the long haul, and the performance improvements make it a no-brainer. Get one.

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New England Takes On Seattle To Determine Who’s Number 2 … In Tech!

Although New England ought to win that big football game, they’re losing when it comes to innovation and technology. Seattle and Austin are gaining rapidly, and Massachusetts has itself to blame thanks to oppressive non-compete clauses and the threat of litigation. As for Tech Field Day, look for us to return to Silicon Valley for seven of our nine full events in 2015. At least now you know why!

You might think RAID is for data protection, but it does nothing of the sort!

Why Big Disk Drives Require Data Integrity Checking

Hard disk drives keep getting bigger, meaning capacity just keeps getting cheaper. But storage capacity is like money: The more you have, the more you use. And this growth in capacity means that data is at risk from a very old nemesis: Unrecoverable Read Errors (URE).

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NEC Networking ONUG NSV Testing Demo
NEC Networking ONUG NSV Testing Demo
The Real Game of Thrones Starring Cardinal Richelieu
The Real Game of Thrones Starring Cardinal Richelieu
Close Encounters with the Third Kind of Database
Close Encounters with the Third Kind of Database
The Economics of Cloud or Why Amazon is Doomed (Maybe)
The Economics of Cloud or Why Amazon is Doomed (Maybe)

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To write or not to write?

How to Get Me to Write about Your Company or Product

Blog posts are really, really important for PR and awareness these days. And posts on independent sites like this one are critical to get awareness and search engine ranking. I get dozens of requests every week from companies wanting me to write about them. So I thought it would be a good idea to lay out exactly what it takes!

This is not the latest technology; it's a junky craptop and will leave the buyer hating Windows

Microsoft: Kill the Craptops Before They Destroy Windows!

Release after release, Microsoft pushes Windows forward. Yet the operating system is continually undermined by the “value-focused” low-end machines pushed by the majority of OEMs. This race to the bottom has tarnished Windows for a decade and now threatens to derail Windows 8. Microsoft must do something to stop the crap before it’s too late!

This is one scaly anteater! No, really, he's a scaly anteater!

Scaling Storage Is Hard To Do

Data storage isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially at enterprise or cloud scale. It’s simple enough to read and write a bit of data, but much harder to build a system that scales to store petabytes. That’s why I’m keenly focused on a new wave of storage systems built from the ground up for scaling!

That's right: I now have five Exchange ActiveSync accounts on my iPhone!

How To Set Up Multiple Exchange ActiveSync Accounts in iPhone iOS 4

Among the many exciting features of Apple’s version-4 iPhone OS is the long-awaited ability to sync to multiple Exchange ActiveSync servers. The new software, now dubbed iOS 4, can synchronize mail, contacts, and calendars between many different services that use Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync protocol, including Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010 and Google’s Gmail service.

Storage is turning up everywhere these days!

Making a Case For (and Against) Software-Defined Storage

Everyone is talking about “software-defined” everything lately, so it was only a matter of time before industry buzz turned to software-defined storage. VMware and EMC really stoked the flames with a constant barrage of marketing directed in this direction. But how exactly do you software-define storage? And what does this mean?

802.11n is a package of enhancements, most of which are optional

Not All 802.11n Networks Are Alike

Buyers of 802.11n wireless network equipment should not assume they will see a great benefit right out of the box. Most will have to enable by hand a high-performance configuration including wide channels and 5 GHz operation. And some client devices may never reach the levels of performance expected by consumers due to hardware limitations.

This is a tale of two great kingdoms in Seattle...

A Fairy Tale of Two Storage Protocols

It’s clear how this fairy tale ends. So many companies are using “S3 plus” as their standard interface, and even inside their solutions, that it’s safe to say it’s won the cloud storage API battle. But S3 isn’t a finalized spec – the industry will extend and improve it over the coming years. Soon we’ll have a cloud storage standard based on S3, just like we have a LAN file services standard based on CIFS.

This Is Storage

Why I Am Biased Against FCoE

I am biased against FCoE because it’s too new to be blithely and broadly recommended for production enterprise use. That’s all. Yes, the standards are standardized and there are products extant. But that’s not enough for me.