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As shown in this slide from Diablo, Memory 1 is cheaper than DRAM while delivering massive capacity

Diablo Memory 1 Takes Memory Channel Flash To The Next Level

Memory 1 is the next game-changer from Diablo. I’ve been very impressed by the company’s offerings in the past, and this is the logical next step for them. And it ought to be absolutely killer since it no longer requires special motherboard tweaks. I expect it’s going to be huge in the cloud datacenter.

The Thunderbolt extruder is a custom AIO Robotics design. Here it is in its element, printing a "wood" hex for a 3D Catan board!

Thoughts on the Modern Miracle of 3D Printing

Although I enjoy my AIO Robotics Zeus 3D printer, I’m under no illusions that it’s an economical or practical device. It’s a toy that takes me into the future, and I love being there!

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Regarding My Symbolic Links and Good Reads

I’ve been told that my shares drive traffic to the blogs I read. I’m thrilled that I can share great writing with you in this way, and I hope you find it valuable! But just in case you don’t, I hope you’ll take advantage of the fact that I filter these posts for you into “Symbolic Links” and “Good Reads” so you’ll find it easier to ignore them.

The third-generation drobo is just about the perfect home storage device

Generation 3 drobo: Fall In Love All Over Again

I remain a huge fan of drobo generally, and the third-generation drobo remains the best choice for home storage. It’s the perfect storage device for the long haul, and the performance improvements make it a no-brainer. Get one.

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From Kipling’s Dirigibles to the Jet Age

I don’t get much chance to read for pleasure, but two things I’ve been reading recently spurred my imagination. After reliving the advent of modern transportation in the solid non-fiction Jet Age by Sam Howe Verhovek, I stumbled upon two pieces of speculative fiction from an unlikely source that predated everything presented there.

CoreStorage implements a full complement of data structures but uses them in a very simplistic manner currently.

Mac OS X Lion Adds CoreStorage, a Volume Manager (Finally!)

Mac OS X was majorly deficient in that it lacked a volume manager. This wouldn’t seem like a big deal to the average user, but held back the operating system in so many ways. A volume manager brings storage virtualization to an operating system, allowing storage capacity efficiently to be managed and manipulated. But all this has changed in Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” with CoreStorage.

This is not the latest technology; it's a junky craptop and will leave the buyer hating Windows

Microsoft: Kill the Craptops Before They Destroy Windows!

Release after release, Microsoft pushes Windows forward. Yet the operating system is continually undermined by the “value-focused” low-end machines pushed by the majority of OEMs. This race to the bottom has tarnished Windows for a decade and now threatens to derail Windows 8. Microsoft must do something to stop the crap before it’s too late!

Travel isn't always sunny and glamorous!

Frequent Flier Kung Fu for Novices

If you’re careful, even an infrequent flyer can rack up valuable points and maybe even elite status. But don’t do anything foolish, and don’t be fooled by the promises of first-class treatment. Even top-tier frequent flyers sit in coach most of the time!

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10 Mysteries The Lost Finale Definitively Settled

The series finale of Lost didn’t settle every question, but it did settle many of the long-running questions raised by fans. Although my live viewing was frustratingly complicated by failed transmission equipment at ABC affiliate, WEWS, I was able to watch the entire episode thanks to iTunes. So let’s settle the things that can be settled regarding Lost.

You'll see this screen a lot, since the QX100 and iOS PlayMemories app do not get along well: "Search the shooting device from the network setting of the terminal and set it"

Sony QX100 Lens Camera: Ruined by a Flaky iOS App

I was thrilled by the possibilities of adding a professional-quality camera sensor and lens to my iPhone, so I immediately pre-ordered Sony’s DSC-QX100 “lens camera”. It held so much promise, not just as a real innovation but also as a major productivity tool. That’s why I’m angry to write this, a scathing review of the horrid software that ruins the QX10 and QX100 experience. Do not buy this device.

Chase Sapphire Preferred is "the kind of credit cards"

My Advice For New Business Travelers: Get The Credit Cards!

New business travelers first should sign up for a preferred hotel and airline program and focus their travel dollars there. Then, they should get a Chase Sapphire card or American Express Platinum card to earn points on travel and transfer those points to the hotel or airline program for redemption. Finally, they should consider getting the co-branded credit card for their hotel chain and airline of choice.