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The Thunderbolt extruder is a custom AIO Robotics design. Here it is in its element, printing a "wood" hex for a 3D Catan board!

Thoughts on the Modern Miracle of 3D Printing

Although I enjoy my AIO Robotics Zeus 3D printer, I’m under no illusions that it’s an economical or practical device. It’s a toy that takes me into the future, and I love being there!

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 6.43.33 PM

Check Your Mac’s Drive and Reclaim 5 GB of Wasted Space!

Since most MacBooks are SSD-only, one would think Apple would be careful about leaving junk around on the drive. But many people are finding 5 GB wasted for a years-old leftover Mac OS X install image! Here’s how to reclaim that space if you’re missing it…

Select the location to write the image, then choose "sparsebundle disk image" before setting the size. You can add encryption here, too, and the tool will ask for a passphrase when you click "Create".

How to Use Mac OS X Sparse Bundle Disk Images

I’m a big fan of “sparse bundle” disk images in Mac OS X. They allow me to create encrypted repositories for valuable data that can efficiently be rsync-ed between disks and don’t waste a lot of space. So I thought I’d write up a bit on what they are and how they can be used.

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I have a "link blog" of interesting tech articles (and another for personal stuff!)

Regarding My Symbolic Links and Good Reads

I’ve been told that my shares drive traffic to the blogs I read. I’m thrilled that I can share great writing with you in this way, and I hope you find it valuable! But just in case you don’t, I hope you’ll take advantage of the fact that I filter these posts for you into “Symbolic Links” and “Good Reads” so you’ll find it easier to ignore them.

The third-generation drobo is just about the perfect home storage device

Generation 3 drobo: Fall In Love All Over Again

I remain a huge fan of drobo generally, and the third-generation drobo remains the best choice for home storage. It’s the perfect storage device for the long haul, and the performance improvements make it a no-brainer. Get one.

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Ravello Systems Nested Virtualization
Ravello Systems Nested Virtualization
Ravello Systems Technology Deep Dive
Ravello Systems Technology Deep Dive
Ravello Systems Demo and Use Cases
Ravello Systems Demo and Use Cases
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Ravello Systems Company Overview

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To write or not to write?

How to Get Me to Write about Your Company or Product

Blog posts are really, really important for PR and awareness these days. And posts on independent sites like this one are critical to get awareness and search engine ranking. I get dozens of requests every week from companies wanting me to write about them. So I thought it would be a good idea to lay out exactly what it takes!

The Flex in its natural habitat: Slightly off road on a family camping excursion!

Review: 2013 Ford Flex

The 2013 Ford Flex exceeded my expectations in every driving and utility-related area, but the terrible MyFord Touch system really detracts from the vehicle. I would highly recommend buying a Ford Flex if you’ve got a family of 5 or 6, but try to get one with old fashioned buttons and dials!

As Jeremy Burton says, "architecture matters"

EMC Redefine Possible (TL;DR Edition)

EMC made quite a few announcements today at their “Redefine Possible” event in London. There’s a lot of coverage out there already, so I decided to present a summary of the whole thing in “too long; didn’t read” (TL;DR) fashion.

Which Apple MacBook Pro would you buy?

2011 MacBook Pro Review: Introduction

Yesterday, Apple refreshed the entire MacBook Pro line. Although the new machines look identical to the old ones, massive changes were made below surface. I have been waiting to upgrade my now three-year-old Santa Rosa-based MacBook Pro, and seize the opportunity yesterday to pick up a brand-new 13 inch model. What made me pull the trigger? Read on!

The principles of data physics suggest that data should be located closer to compute

Virtualized and Distributed Storage: This Time For Sure!

We were never able to achieve storage virtualization in mainstream enterprise IT because we lacked the ability to identify and move data non-disruptively. This has been solved by caching and distributed storage solutions, and it’s only a matter of time before the legacy need for centralized storage falls away.

Isn't this thing supposed to be easy and reliable?

Hands-On Review: Verizon 4G LTE (and the Novatel MiFi 4510l)

I would not hesitate to recommend Verizon’s 4G LTE network. It’s head-and-shoulders above Clear/Sprint WiMAX and will likely stay that way for a while thanks to their use of the 700MHz band. Verizon’s rapid network expansion and broad 3G network are reassuring enough to entice me into a 2-year contract. And the Novatel MiFi 4510l is a fairly solid device, though not perfect.

The NEX-7 is everything I hoped it would be and more. And maybe that's not as great a thing as I thought!

Sony NEX-7 Hands-On Review Part 1: The New Super-Camera

It took over five months, but Sony finally delivered my NEX-7 kit on March 8 (my birthday, natch!). After using the camera for a few weeks, I can say it’s exactly what I hoped it would be: A worthy upgrade over the NEX-5, and perhaps the best enthusiast camera on the market. But it’s not without flaws, including some surprising shortcomings. Here’s my hands-on review!

Apple's Bumper includes integrated buttons but interferes with some headphone and dock cables

Which iPhone 4 Case Is Best?

Apple recently announced their “free iPhone 4 case” program. In addition to the Apple-brand bumpers, the company is offering a number of third-party cases. But which is best? Here’s my rundown of the options, as well as my personal pick.