March 27, 2015

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The adapter and wedge fit just about any 2.5" laptop hard disk drive

3D Print a Seagate GoFlex Dock Adapter for 2.5″ Hard Disk Drives

The Seagate Free Agent GoFlex Docks were an excellent product, allowing interchange of hard disk drives and connectivity protocols. They made USB 3, FireWire, and even NAS docks for these hard disk drives. But the connector is standard SATA and could be used with any drive. So I created a 3D printable adapter and released it on Thingiverse!

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You might think RAID is for data protection, but it does nothing of the sort!

Why Big Disk Drives Require Data Integrity Checking

Hard disk drives keep getting bigger, meaning capacity just keeps getting cheaper. But storage capacity is like money: The more you have, the more you use. And this growth in capacity means that data is at risk from a very old nemesis: Unrecoverable Read Errors (URE).

The Prime Directive of storage: Do not return the wrong data!

The Prime Directive of Storage: Do Not Lose Data

People call on storage devices and systems to do lots of things, from accelerating I/O to copying and sharing data. But at the heart of it all, storage arrays really have just one job: Do not lose data!

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Maxta Design Principles and Software Stack
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Maxta KVM/OpenStack Demo
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Maxta Solutions Overview
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