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Get ready for 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 40, 50, and 100 Gb Ethernet, all at once!

Faster Ethernet Gets Weird

“One size fits all” doesn’t work for Ethernet, but this proliferation of speed options sounds like trouble without automatic capability negotiation. It’s nice to have options, but the IEEE must remain focused on interoperability and rein in the interests of the various companies proposing next-generation Ethernet technologies.

The Raspberry Pi is an awesome UPS monitor with the open source Network UPS Tools package

Automated UPS Monitoring for vSphere with NUT and Raspberry Pi (Cheap!)

NUT is a wonderful and extensible power management framework, and the Raspberry Pi is an awesome platform on which to run the UPS monitoring drivers and upsd server daemon. Even if you’re not running vSphere, a Pi running NUT makes sense for the connected servers found everywhere today.

A brand new MacBook Pro for $550? What could possibly go wrong?

Blatant Fraud At Amazon: Do Something About It!

This is not a link blog, but I just had to highlight this blatant fraudulent activity at Amazon reported by my friend Lee Badman. A quick glance shows that the same thing is widespread – too-good prices on items offered off-Amazon with payment through gift cards. It’s a straight-up scam, and I wonder how many people have been hurt by it and why Amazon hasn’t done anything to stop it!

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The third-generation drobo is just about the perfect home storage device

Generation 3 drobo: Fall In Love All Over Again

I remain a huge fan of drobo generally, and the third-generation drobo remains the best choice for home storage. It’s the perfect storage device for the long haul, and the performance improvements make it a no-brainer. Get one.

VMware has adopted NFS 4.1

vSphere 6: NFS 4.1 Finally Has a Use?

Way back in the 1990’s, UNIX admins delighted in upgrading from NFSv2 to NFSv3. Then NFSv4 came around and … crickets. Now VMware has become the first major/useful/mainstream application for NFSv4.1, so the floodgates are open! But are they?

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Ravello Systems Nested Virtualization
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Ravello Systems Technology Deep Dive
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Ravello Systems Demo and Use Cases
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Ravello Systems Company Overview

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Today's storage arrays live in the fat middle of the market, striking a balance between capacity and performance

The Fat Middle: Today’s Enterprise Storage Array

Ask any project manager if it’s possible to deliver something that is fast, good, and cheap, and they’ll laugh. The phenomenon known as the Iron Triangle limits just about everything in the world from meeting all three conflicting requirements. Yet, for the last two decades, enterprise storage array vendors have been trying to deliver just this. How’s that working out?

Top of rack flash, bottom of rack capacity, and software gluing everything together!

The Rack Endgame: A New Storage Architecture For the Data Center

Top-of-rack flash and bottom-of-rack disk makes a ton of sense in a world of virtualized, distributed storage. It fits with enterprise paradigms yet delivers real architectural change that could “move the needle” in a way that no centralized shared storage system ever will. SAN and NAS aren’t going away immediately, but this new storage architecture will be an attractive next-generation direction!

Big new features in SMB 3.0

SMB 3 is Going to be Huge, in both Scope and Impact

Microsoft is about to release the third major revision to their ubiquitous network storage protocol, SMB. Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V 3 will really highlight this technology, and I predict it will transform the way people think about networked storage for Windows systems. But SMB 3 is big in another way, too: there are tons of new features, and not all will be implemented by everyone.


Replacing Google Reader With Feedbin and Reeder

I am an avid Google Reader user, so I’m thoroughly annoyed by Google’s decision to kill it as of July 1. But there’s no stopping the tide, so I’ve made the move to Feedbin as a Reader replacement as of today. It’s a slick, snappy web application with a committed developer and, critically, support for Reeder, my favorite offline RSS reading application. Let’s hope this works!

Jailbreaking and unlocking are two very different things!

What’s the Difference Between a Jailbroken and an Unlocked Phone?

If you’ve traveled much, you’ve probably run across “unlocked” mobile phones and devices. If you own an Android or iPhone smart phone, you probably also heard about “jailbreaking”. It seems like lots of people are confused about these two things, so I decided to write down a quick post explaining them.

Begun, the Patent Wars Have

Every day, it seems there is a new lawsuit in the mobile phone industry. HTC, Motorola, Google, Microsoft, and especially Apple and Samsung are actively litigating their way through a thicket of patents. The same is increasingly happening in the rest of the IT industry. But is all this bloodshed really about innovation? Or is it, as one federal judge noted, simply a new form of intense business competition?

PCIe SSDs run at full PCIe speed (5 Gbps or more) and are optimized internally for better performance

Why Are PCIe SSDs So Fast?

The world of storage can be confusing, with obscure terms hiding massive differences in technology and performance. Such is the case for the latest PCI express SSDs: They are much faster than traditional SAS or SATA SSDs, but many aren’t sure exactly why. In this article, I will try to explain the real difference.

The Blue Snowball is the size of a softball and packs killer sound performance

Review: Blue Snowball USB Microphone

I’ve really jumped into recording podcasts, and am also an avid audio and video conference user. Wanting better sound, I upgraded my Logitech microphone to the highly-regarded Blue Microphones Snowball desktop USB microphone. Here are my initial thoughts.