As a community service, I decided to put together a calendar of enterprise IT events. My friend Matt Simmons has a similar calendar for SysAdmins, but mine is a little different. Where he focuses more on user groups and the like, I’m focusing on big events like Interop, EMC World, and Cisco Live.

Note: I don’t actually go┬áto all these events. If you’re interested in where I am, check the events list in the sidebar of my blog!

Hint: Tap the right “white triangle in a square” to advance months!

This is a public calendar, and is offered as a service. I welcome suggestions for additions or corrections – just email me!

Like Matt, I’m going to put some boundaries around the calendar, however:

  1. This is intended for an enterprise IT infrastructure audience. I’ll only include events that I deem to be of interest to these folks.
  2. I can’t include every webinar and presentation everywhere in the world. I’m using some editorial control to see whether the event really merits inclusion in my opinion. Go ahead and suggest it, but please don’t get sore if I don’t put it in.