Top VMware Blogs 2014: How I Voted


Once again, it’s time for’s “Top vBlog” voting. And once again Feedbin and Twitter are full of hundreds of bloggers lamely begging for me to vote for them. And once again, I didn’t base my votes on their begs or my own hunches. Follow along as I explain how I actually voted and why I think you should use the same mechanism. And no, I’m not going to say who I voted for!

Notes On Early Voting In Ohio

Ohio election sticker

Living in a “swing state” really seems to draw more attention to elections. When I was in Massachusetts and Texas, any vote I cast would make little difference in national contests, since a majority of the voters were certain to vote Democratic and Republican, respectively. Ohio is different – parts are red (Republican), and parts […]

What Elections Teach Us About Marketing

Ohio residents are deluged with anti-Obama mailings like these

This is part of an ongoing series of longer articles I will be posting every Sunday. This is not a political blog, and this will not be a political post. But there is something to be learned about marketing from the way that political campaigns market their candidates, and this is a lesson for all […]