Forecasting Seagate’s Next-Generation Momentus 5400.8 Family

Seagate's massive 1 TB laptop drive is almost here, packing almost 800 Gb per square inch

Seagate is one of the world’s most-successful hard disk drive companies, consistently ranked first in overall sales for a decade. The company is respected for their high-end products, but is aggressively moving into the world of smaller hard disks for laptops and portable storage as well. The company’s mainstream “Momentus” portable hard disk family has kept pace with the industry, but Seagate will soon break away with a major jump in areal density. Using public information, and the first product in this line, we will consider what Seagate’s eighth-generation Momentus family will look like.

Seagate Surpasses 500 GB In 2.5 Inches

Seagate is first to deliver 500 GB 2.5" platters in their new GoFlex 1 TB drive

The race to ship a 500 GB mobile hard disk drive unit was heated last year. Hitachi was first to announce a fat 12.5 mm drive in January, but Samsung and Western Digital fought a pitched battle through the second half of the year to produce serious volume in a the slim 9.5 mm 2-platter […]