Larry Boucher: The Future Is Mine! (in 2009…)

Beth Pariseau over at has another great interview, this time with “Mr. SCSI”, Larry Boucher of Alacritech. Despite being early to market with TCP offload engine (TOE) Ethernet NICs, and iSCSI HBAs in particular, the company has been less successful than many would have expected. This is probably because most folks just didn’t use […]

Emulex and QLogic Learn to Speak Klingon!

Well, not exactly Klingon, but both Host Bus Adapter powerhouses chose today to announce 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel HBAs. This would be somewhat more exciting if there was any device these high-speed adapters could speak to. But switches, arrays, and drives are still a ways off. So for now, Emulex and QLogic can only speak […]