Processing and Scheduling Thin Provisioning

Although the core issues with thin provisioning revolve around communication, it presents unique challenges to the storage array as well. We talked about granularity of pages, and the comments for that piece were extremely enlightening. Now let’s consider another key factor: Scheduling.

See W. Curtis Preston’s Backup Central Live!

The Backup Central Live! crew does a great job putting together a professional event

Last week, after the Exec Event in Palo Alto, I joined my friend W. Curtis Preston for his first Backup Central Live! event. Curtis has spent years educating IT pros about data protection, this was the first week of a new series of self-produced events. And let me tell you, although I’ve seen him present dozens of times, Curtis was really in his element here. He held the packed room enthralled, and the vendor sponsors I talked to were very pleased about the event!

CommVault Simpana 9 Takes Backup To A New Level

CommVault introduces an updated version of their all-encompassing Simpana suite

CommVault is one of those enterprise IT companies that likes to go their own way. A spin-out of AT&T’s famed Bell Labs, CommVault’s Simpana software integrates many aspects of data management, from backup to e-discovery, under one umbrella. Last year, the company impressed me by adding cloud storage as a backup target equal in status to disk and traditional tape. Now the company is doing the same for storage-based snapshots, accelerating data protection for virtual machines.

Stephen Foskett’s 50% Free Capacity Guarantee!

50% More Free

Since all the cool companies are offering capacity guarantees these days, I thought I might as well throw my hat into the ring and offer one, too. Starting now, I guarantee any takers an easy plan to write 50% more production data to your existing storage environment. Even better, I’ll do it with no additional hardware or software to purchase and install and no complicated terms and conditions. You won’t even have to delete anything, but if you do I’ll guarantee double your data! And I’ll only charge 50% of the deferred storage hardware and software spend, and if I can’t do it you pay nothing. What have you got to lose?

EMC Mixes Avamar Into Iomega ix12-300r

Native Avamar support in the ix12-300r? That's new!

While getting some hands-on time with Iomega’s new 12-drive storage array, I spotted an exciting but unannounced feature: The ix12-300r includes native Avamar backup client! It also includes two PCI Express slots, bringing up intriguing possibilities for future expansion.

The Truth About HP’s Tech Day

HP invited bloggers to Colorado to show off their storage offerings at Tech Day 2009

HP and Ivy did a darn fine job of putting together a set of sessions to tell us what they have. They presented folks who really knew their stuff, warts and all. They invited a variety of independent voices and let us ask and say anything we wanted with no expectations, let alone an NDA. This was a stellar event, and every other IT company should be asking why they didn’t do it first.

I Can Finally Talk About Windows Storage Server 2008!

I don’t usually “do” NDAs. It’s just too hard to figure out what I’m allowed to say and what I should keep quiet. I prefer to get free and open information, but will settle for embargoed briefings if it means I can get some time to think before reporting. So my Microsoft connection is a […]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Storage Automation

This is how we used to avoid hotspots in 1998: Carefully planning every detail of the storage layout.

The first storage performance horseman is spindles: If you don’t have enough disk units, performance will suffer. I have been laying out storage on enterprise arrays since the dark ages, and one of the first lessons I learned was allocating data to avoid hotspots. I remember spending hours back in the 1990’s hunched over custom Excel spreadsheets […]

Compression, Encryption, Deduplication, and Replication: Strange Bedfellows

Does data encryption throw efficiency out the window? Not always!

One of the great ironies of storage technology is the inverse relationship between efficiency and security: Adding performance or reducing storage requirements almost always results in reducing the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of a system. Many of the advances in capacity utilization put into production over the last few years rely on deduplication of data. […]

TechTarget Posts 2009 Event Schedule

Although the details have not been released, TechTarget updated its web site today with a list of events by region for 2009. My understanding is that, although the formats and locations are tweaked slightly, the user-focused character of their excellent Storage Decisions conferences and one-day seminars will remain. Some highlights from the calendar: The Storage […]