GreenBytes introduces Solidarity, an all-SSD storage array

Solidarity looks suspiciously like GreenBytes' existing HA-3000 tiered storage array

GreenBytes has evolved from software company to storage array company and proven itself able to survive in the cutthroat storage market. It remains to be seen whether the they can convince customers to take Solidarity seriously, but the introduction of this product was the right move for the company. We will be watching and hoping that they will add VMware compatibility and more capacity.

Kaminario Announces Next-Generation DataProtect Operating System

Kaminario leverages hardware from Dell, Fusion-io, Brocade, and others

The drumbeat of solid-state storage announcements continued today, as Kaminario introduced the next generation of their DataProtect operating system. New features like snapshots and replication extend the companies K2 storage systems further into the mainstream, while a new data protection scheme dubbed RAID 10HD and availability enhancements will likely please customers as well.

Pure Storage All-Flash Storage Array Revealed

Startup Pure Storage launches today with an all-flash array for the same price as disk

It’s great to see fresh thinking in storage, and Pure Storage comes out of the gate with some impressive credentials: A top-tier team, excellent technical capabilities, and reasonable pricing. But it takes more than a great product to succeed in storage, and building awareness and sales are the next challenge for the company.

Is SolidFire out in Left Field, or Are They Playing a Whole New Ballgame?

All-SSD cloud storage is not nuts. Here's why!

When I say “cloud storage”, you probably think of Amazon S3: Big, slow, cheap, and distributed. That’s probably why the people I talk to about SolidFire usually start shaking their heads and denouncing the company. After all, who would be crazy enough to create an all flash storage array for cloud storage applications? But maybe it’s not so crazy; maybe SolidFire is simply playing a different ballgame.

Fusion-io Steps Into the Flash Array Market with ioN

Fusion-io ioMemory path

ioN gives Fusion-io a place at the ultra-performance array table. Faced with the prospect of commoditization, Fusion-io is wise to respond with software-based differentiators that leverage the unique capabilities of their ioMemory architecture. It shouldn’t annoy too many partners, either.