April 27, 2015

The PNY StorEDGE is a Must-Have MacBook Accessory

PNY StorEDGE and friends

Although I appreciate Apple’s decision to go all-SSD on the MacBook line, it does cause some problems capacity-wise. Even 256 GB is an expensive proposition from Apple, and it’s not easy or cheap to expand storage on these laptops. One option is a fast USB 3 drive like the SanDisk Extreme, and there’s also some external Thunderbolt […]

Sony QX100 Lens Camera: Ruined by a Flaky iOS App

You'll see this screen a lot, since the QX100 and iOS PlayMemories app do not get along well: "Search the shooting device from the network setting of the terminal and set it"

I was thrilled by the possibilities of adding a professional-quality camera sensor and lens to my iPhone, so I immediately pre-ordered Sony’s DSC-QX100 “lens camera”. It held so much promise, not just as a real innovation but also as a major productivity tool. That’s why I’m angry to write this, a scathing review of the horrid software that ruins the QX10 and QX100 experience. Do not buy this device.

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Serious Camera (For Real!)

Yes, it's really a complete camera inside that "lens"!

The new Sony “Lens-Style Camera” is a bold move, bringing high-end optics and sensors to smartphones everywhere. The new QX10 and QX100 strip away the camera body, consisting of just a lens, sensor, and rudimentary controls, and rely on an Android or iOS smartphone as a screen and sharing device.

Canon Vixia HF M50: Hands-On Review

The Canon Vixia HF M50 is all the camcorder I needed without the pro price

Although I love my Sony NEX-7, it’s not ideal for the sort of videos I’ve been recording for Foskett Services. So I recently picked up a pair of decent HD camcorders to add to my road video kit. The Canon Vixia HF M50 was ideal for my needs: A good sensor and optics in a compact and affordable package. But the extras, especially the built-in WiFi, offer little value.

Geoff Barrall is Back with Transporter, a Personal Shared Storage Solution

Transporters work together to create a personal storage cloud shared by your friends and family

I’m a hardcore Dropbox user, but I don’t love their limited sharing features or having my personal data in the cloud. I was intrigued by the waves of personal shared storage devices that have appeared, but none are appropriate and complete replacements for Dropbox. But a new product just launched on Kickstarter really has a chance of success!

Sony SEL50F18 Review: A Brilliant 50 mm F/1.8 Prime Lens for NEX Cameras

The new Sony 50 mm prime is almost identical to the kit zoom lens

Shortly before I received the brand new Sony NEX-7 camera (on my birthday, natch!), B&H Photo dropped another eagerly-anticipated item at my door: The new Sony SEL50F18 prime lens for E-mount cameras like the NEX-5 and -7. It’s brilliant technically, easily the best affordable E-mount lens. But it wouldn’t be my first purchase for a […]

NAB Show 2012: My Initial Thoughts

Snapshots become "images" with a fast lens like this

NAB Show remains one of my favorites, and one of the only trade shows I’d unreservedly recommend attending on one’s own dime. From Thunderbolt to post-HD video to solid state storage, NAB has it all.

Sony NEX-7 Hands-On Review Part 2: 24.3 Million Surprising Shortcomings

Despite Sony's candy-coating, the NEX-7 exposes the weakness of the Sony lens lineup

The Sony NEX-7 is far from perfect. As noted in part 1, most of the new features are compromised in one way or another, but there’s an even bigger elephant in the room: The excessively dense 24.3 megapixel sensor overwhelms most of the NEX system lenses.

Put that camera away and enjoy the view!

Foskett NEX by H0bbel

Photography is an act of observation and contemplation as much as a technical process. Although cameras, lenses, and (ugh!) flashes can seem cumbersome and intrusive, I ask for patience. I promise it’s not getting in the way of life like some entertainment device. My camera enhances my experience of the world!

Sony NEX-7 Hands-On Review Part 1: The New Super-Camera

The NEX-7 is everything I hoped it would be and more. And maybe that's not as great a thing as I thought!

It took over five months, but Sony finally delivered my NEX-7 kit on March 8 (my birthday, natch!). After using the camera for a few weeks, I can say it’s exactly what I hoped it would be: A worthy upgrade over the NEX-5, and perhaps the best enthusiast camera on the market. But it’s not without flaws, including some surprising shortcomings. Here’s my hands-on review!