How To Tell If Your Mac Needs More Memory

If you have many GB of "Page outs", you should consider getting more RAM!

It’s not always easy to tell if your system needs more memory, or if it’s just slow. In this article, I will present an easy method for even a computer novice to know whether he has enough memory on his Mac!

What’s the Difference Between a Jailbroken and an Unlocked Phone?

Jailbreaking and unlocking are two very different things!

If you’ve traveled much, you’ve probably run across “unlocked” mobile phones and devices. If you own an Android or iPhone smart phone, you probably also heard about “jailbreaking”. It seems like lots of people are confused about these two things, so I decided to write down a quick post explaining them.

Teaching Science with Wi-Fi (Thanks, Ruckus and MetaGeek!)

This is why we can't have nice things...

As a parent, especially a techie one, you never know when a teachable moment is going to appear. Last night, I mentioned that I was testing a new Ruckus access point and enthused about how fast it was. My 12-year-old asked, “why is it so fast?” This led to a wonderful discussion about radio waves, congestion and propagation, and spectrum licensing. Yeah, I’m that kind of dad.

Twitter Zen: My Tips For Newbies

Twitter Zen Bird

Twitter is here to stay, and has become a potent communication tool in many industries. I recently received a request for advice on how better to use Twitter, and thought I would share some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years as an avid IT industry tweeter.

Why Buy a NEX-7? Why Sony NEX At All?

The Sony NEX-5N is a great all-around camera

Your tweets about your NEX have intrigued me a bit…I get tired of lugging my Nikon D90 around with my kids, yet I find the quality of most point-and-shoot cameras terrible…so the NEX seems like an interesting compromise.

Which iPad is the Best Choice?

The Verizon iPad makes a great mobile hotspot and has solid international resale value!

Apple may make their product lines easy to understand, with simple and consistent names, but there sure are a lot of iPad 2 models. Which iPad is the best choice? I picked the 32 GB Wi-Fi model personally, but I can see cases where others might prefer a 3G or base model. Let’s consider it.

How Should An External Hard Drive Be Attached?

I bought a 3rd SATA drive, and have nowhere to put it in my PowerMac G5. I forgot there was only room for 2 inside! I do audio recording: Lots of Digital Performer, plus a bit of Pro Tools. I recently bought a new 1 TB Hitachi drive and don’t know how to house it.

Should Home Users Buy Enterprise Hard Disk Drives?

Are “enterprise” drives worth the extra cost in a RAID enclosure? The reason I ask is I’ve had 2 of 4 Seagate ‘consumer’ (7200.12) drives fail in my (Other World Qx2) enclosure. The two drives that failed were maybe a year old, well short of any ‘MBTF’ expectation. Enterprise drives cost nearly twice that of consumer drives.