Foskett Services is a provider of information technology and business strategy solutions.

Our Story

The world of information technology is at a crossroads. Traditional IT systems face disruption not seen since the open systems revolution of the early 1990’s: The rapid adoption of Internet-scale services, the proliferation of a new breed of computing devices like the iPhone, and a wholesale shift in application development approaches threatens the very foundation of IT infrastructure in the enterprise.

After spending over a decade providing consulting and analysis services to enterprise IT organizations and infrastructure vendors, Stephen Foskett launched his own services organization to face this wave of change head-on. This group applies core best practices for managing IT systems to the emerging post-PC world.

Our Services

Our goal is to help enterprise information technology transition to a new service-oriented world.

Areas of expertise include the following:

  • Enterprise data storage
  • Email and communication systems
  • Server virtualization
  • Cloud computing and cloud storage
  • Community and social communication
  • Mobile technology

On Retainer

Stephen Foskett is available on a retainer basis to provide ongoing advice, support, and assistance for both IT organizations and hardware and software vendors.

The following ongoing commitments illustrate our abilities:


A top-ranked speaker and educator, Stephen Foskett provides on-site seminars to help groups of any size get up to speed on the latest information technology topics. These sessions typically last from one to three hours and are tailored to the needs of the audience.

Past seminar topics include the following:

  • Introduction to Enterprise Storage
  • The Next Wave of Storage Technologies
  • Strategies for Email Archiving
  • Social Media Approaches for IT Businesses


Interactive sessions are one of the best ways to deliver consensus. For years, Stephen Foskett has facilitated in-person workshops for groups of 5 to 20 people to consider all aspects of a challenge and determine the best course of action. These sessions can be combined with a short seminar to lay a foundation for the discussion.

Foskett has led workshops on the following topics in the past:

  • Enterprise Cloud Strategy
  • Email and Record Retention Policies
  • Tiered Storage Strategy
  • Development of Service Catalogs and Service Offerings

Strategy Development

Sometimes an outside perspective is needed to bring a big-picture view of enterprise challenges. Stephen Foskett has spent over 10 years working with enterprise IT organizations to determine architecture and strategy. These projects range from a few weeks to many months and involve a wide variety of internal disciplines. Foskett Services can bring numerous experts to bear, from both the IT and business side.