In keeping with my philosophy of transparency regarding external influences on this blog, I will keep this page updated with recent sources of income, favors, and gear.


This blog costs a bit to run now that I’m well past 100,000 pageviews per month. Therefore, I’ve implemented a few features to help pay the bills:

Gear for Review

Vendors often contact me to review their gear on my web site. Although I’m flattered by this, I cannot possibly spend time examining and posting reviews of everything I get. I also often write about interesting gear based on my own purchases, only to have manufacturers contact me later offering additional equipment.

I have recently received the following gear free of charge:

I’ve paid for pretty much everything else I write about.

In summary: Send me your equipment if you want, but I won’t guarantee to write about it. And I’ll write about other stuff (and pay for it out of pocket) if I want.

Foskett Services Clients

My consulting company, Foskett Services, does business with many organizations, some of which may be covered on this blog. Recent notable clients include the following:

Gestalt IT Supporters

Gestalt IT receives sponsorship from many companies for events like Tech Field Day. Although these sponsorships do not pass money directly to my pocket, I thought they should be disclosed here.