Storage Field Day 4: Live This Week!

It’s time once again for Storage Field Day! As most of my blog readers are aware, I run the Tech Field Day event series, bringing together experts in various IT fields with key companies for a few days of deep technical discussion. This week it’s our fourth event focused on enterprise storage, and it’s going to be big!

Storage Field Day 4

Over the years, we have continually experimented with different schedules and agendas for Tech Field Day. The original event called for three presentations per day, each with one or two companies. After that, we moved to a 4 slot per day schedule, capping the event at 8 presentations on Thursday and Friday. But that made for a hectic two days, so in 2013 we switched to a Wednesday through Friday schedule, spreading things out a bit more.

Storage Field Day 4 continues this experimental tradition. This time around, we start Wednesday morning and go through Friday afternoon with 10 companies presenting, each for 2 hours. This is the most we’ve ever had, but the delegates were unanimous in saying that they’d love to try it out!

Once again, we are in and around San Jose, CA for Storage Field Day 4. One unique element of this event is that we literally come to the companies: We’ve hired a stretch limo to drive us up the peninsula to visit Oxygen Cloud and down into Silicon Valley for companies like Nimble Storage and Coho Data.

On the delegate side, Storage Field Day 4 is the most international event yet. Half of the 12-delegate panel comes from Europe, with two each from the Netherlands and Italy and one each from Belgium and the UK. It’s always difficult to select who gets to be on the delegate panel, and we were forced to leave off some of our favorite folks in the interest of bringing in some others. Don’t worry: We’ll get you all to the next one!

Watch the Live Stream

Although we don’t have a live audience in the room for Tech Field Day, we do invite everyone to watch (and join in) online. Once again, our video crew will be live streaming all three days of discussions in HD suitable for viewing on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. And once again, we invite everyone to chime in on Twitter using the #SFD4 hashtag!

The player below will include the live stream, or you can jump over to the Storage Field Day 4 web page and watch there. And of course we’ll be uploading all of the event videos to YouTube and Vimeo after the event!

Follow along on Twitter or in Tweetchat and participate: Ask questions, talk with the delegates, and get involved!

Storage Field Day 4 Schedule

We’ve made it easy to watch the schedule of events: Just subscribe to this .ics calendar!

And here it is in an easy to read format:

Wednesday, Nov 13 09:30 CloudByte Presents at Storage Field Day 4
13:00 Gridstore Presents at Storage Field Day 4
16:00 Oxygen Cloud Presents at Storage Field Day 4
Thursday, Nov 14 08:00 Coho Data Presents at Storage Field Day 4
10:30 Western Digital Virident Presents at Storage Field Day 4
13:30 Nimble Storage Presents at Storage Field Day 4
16:00 Overland Storage Presents at Storage Field Day 4
Friday, Nov 15 08:00 Avere Systems Presents at Storage Field Day 4
10:30 Proximal Data Presents at Storage Field Day 4
13:30 Cleversafe Presents at Storage Field Day 4

Note the mix of companies, too! We’ve got some “old pros” who’ve been to Tech Field Day a few times (Nimble Storage, Avere, Cleversafe) along with lots of new faces! It’s so much fun to have such variety, too – Storage Field Day really reflects the dynamic enterprise storage marketplace!

Stephen’s Stance

Storage Field Day 4 is exactly what I wanted it to be: A diverse and interesting group of companies presenting to a diverse and interesting panel of delegates. Watch online all week and learn what’s new and hot in storage!