Australia VMUG User Conferences, Melbourne and Sydney

I travel a lot, but most of it is in the USA and Europe. That all changes this year, as I’ve been invited to give keynote speeches at the Melbourne and Sydney VMware User Conference events! I’m really looking forward to seeing Australia, meeting up with great friends there, and giving some all-new session talks!

Everybody uses Sydney Harbour to illustrate Australia, so I will too. This apocalyptic Tsunehisa Kimura artwork is the cover of Midnight Oil’s Red Sails in the Sunset, one of my all-time favorite albums!

Joining me at the Sydney and Melbourne VMUG User Conferences are Alastair Cooke and Mike Laverick, two great folks I’ve always enjoyed spending time with. Between the three of us, we ought to really entertain the locals with our accents if not our expertise!

Sydney VMUG User Conference, Tuesday February 5

My Australia adventure begins on Tuesday, February 5 with the Sydney VMUG User Conference at the SMC Conference Center, 66 Goulburn Street.

My keynote, entitled “Virtualization is a Stack of Lies” will open the User Conference at 9:15 AM. This is the latest iteration of a talk I’ve been working on for a few years, focusing on the layers of simplification, misdirection, and straight-out lies that make up our virtual world. Hopefully I’ll be recovered by then from the three days-long flights it’ll take to get there!

I’ll also likely meet up with techie friends in the Sydney area on Monday and Tuesday evening. I’m hoping I can get Simon Sharwood, Kurt Bales, Rodney Haywood, and the rest to join me for a pint and show me the town!

If you’re local to the Sydney area, please consider coming to the VMUG conference, my session, and joining us in the evening!

Melbourne VMUG User Conference, Thursday February 7

I’ll fly to Melbourne on Wednesday and hit the Melbourne VMUG User Conference on Thursday, February 7. It’s located at the Hilton on the Park.

My presentation time is not yet confirmed, but my topic is the same, “Virtualization is a Stack of Lies”. I promise it will still be good, even if it’s repeated from Sydney.

Once again, I’ll be calling on my local friends to entertain me Wednesday and Thursday night. These include Anthony Burke, Justin Warren, and Craig Waters at least, and hopefully more besides!

Once again, Melburnians, please join me at the VMUG and our after-hours hangouts!

Stephen’s Stance

I love my (non) job. I get to go to excellent events like these VMUG User Conferences and mingle with the excellent folks there in amazing places like Sydney and Melbourne! I can’t wait to set foot in Australia!

  • Craig Waters

    Looking forward to hosting you down in Melbourne Stephen, we’ve vBeers lined up for the Thursday night after the event and will see what fun we can arrange for the Wednesday night too! See you soon :-)

  • Craig Waters

    P.S. funny how the lead singer of your favorite album became a politician, I guess it’s like Ronald Regan becoming president or Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming California’s governor, who’d have thought eh :-)

  • alan gaha

    Great choice as Sydney artwork, hope i can attend & meet you the Sydney VMUG, the keynote sounds very interesting and amusing