Storage Developer Conference, Santa Clara CA

This week I’m attending the Storage Developer Conference in Santa Clara, CA. This event always includes fantastic content for storage nerds like me, and I’m glad to be bringing along a few friends as well! We’ll be holding live Tech Field Day Roundtable discussions at the event, and I’ll be posting videos as well!

What is SDC?

The Storage Developer Conference is a unique event. It’s not a trade show, since it’s focused on developers rather than end user lead generation. So there’s no “show floor” full of booths and babes. Rather, SDC is an intellectual conference focused on data storage, and is packed full of storage geeks like me.

Here’s a video I recorded with a few friends who have attended the event in the past:

What is Covered at SDC?

SDC touches on all aspects of storage, from cloud to enterprise to personal. There are a few main themes or tracks at SDC 2012:

  • Cloud Storage (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)
  • Solid State Storage (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday)
  • File Systems (Monday and Wednesday)
  • Storage Hardware (Monday and Wednesday)
  • Server Message Block (SMB) (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday)
  • NFS (Tuesday)
  • Block Protocols (Tuesday)
  • Performance and Workloads (Tuesday)
  • Storage Management (Wednesday)
  • Big Data (Wednesday)
  • Data Deduplication (Thursday)
  • Security and Identity (Thusday)

This list really illustrates the breadth of SDC and storage developments in general. We’ve got protocols (SMB, NFS, iSCSI, FCoE), we’ve got hardware (SSD), and we’ve got data (cloud, management, big data).

Then there are the plenary sessions, Birds of a Feather meetings, and of course the legendary plugfests.

The list of companies and individuals presenting is truly astonishing! Microsoft always has a huge presence at SDC, and this year is no exception. But so many other companies are presenting (NetApp, EMC, HP, Micron, Mellanox, Fusion-io) that it’s impossible to list them all!

Tech Field Day Roundtables at SDC

Learn more about the Tech Field Day Roundtables at SDC

I’m pleased to have been invited by SNIA to help spread the word about SDC through Tech Field Day. We’ve invited four delegates to the event and will be summing things up at Roundtable discussions Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. These will be streamed live over the Internet and posted for later viewing.

SNIA asked me to come up with a varied list of independent storage experts for SDC, and I’m excited with the resulting group:

You’ll find the five of us at the Roundtables each afternoon at 1:30 (Tue, Wed) or 2 (Mon) discussing whatever we found interesting in the day.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Voice of the End User

SDC is for and by developers, but end users are very interested as well. We’d love to hear from you, too! Tweet a question or comment to any of us using the hashtag #SDConference and we’ll try to work it into the discussion!

You can watch live here, and I’ll be posting videos as well.

The above player will show live video of our Roundtables on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!

What Am I Looking For at SDC?

The most difficult aspect of SDC for me is picking which session to attend. It’s a lot like VMworld in that respect, with multiple excellent opportunities every hour! Here’s a list of sessions I’m particularly excited about!

As you can see, there’s no way I can attend all these sessions. Many overlap with each other or with the Tech Field Day Roundtables, and some happen while I’m flying! But the presentations will be distributed at the SDC web site after the event, and I’ll be reading them ravenously, just like I did with the past few years’ sessions!

Stephen’s Stance

If you’re a real storage geek like me, you simply must attend SDC. If you’re there this year, come say hi! If not, you should start making plans for next year. Be there!

Disclaimer: SNIA is paying our expenses to attend, but this post was written on my own initiative.

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