Solid State Storage Symposium – San Jose, CA

We're talking Solid State Storage at our upcoming Symposium in San Jose!

It seems like everything in storage is in flux right now, with virtualization, commoditization, convergence, and solid state disrupting everything. That’s why we at Gestalt IT have decided to host a Symposium on the topic of Solid State Storage: We’ll be bringing in experts from a number of top companies to talk tech, and are inviting anyone interested to attend in person or watch online!

Solid state storage means a lot of things to a lot of people:

  • Solid state drives (SSDs) from companies like Intel, Micron, Samsung, STEC, and others are making massive inroads from the laptop to the enterprise
  • Solid state storage arrays are coming on strong, led by companies like Whiptail, Kaminario, Pure Storage, SolidFire, Nimbus, Greenbytes, Violin, and many others
  • Then there are the PCI cards from Fusion-io, Virident, Micron, LSI, and lots more besides
  • And some are using solid-state as a tier or a cache – “little companies” like EMC, NetApp, IBM, HP, HDS, Dell, as well as cool startups like Nimble, Tintri, Nutanix, Virsto, and more!

Honestly, I could go on all day talking about solid state storage, and I’m sure I’m leaving some of my favorite players out of this off-the-cuff list. The point is, solid state storage is huge and getting huger. And it’s time to get the word out on the many and varied faces of solid state!

We’re holding this open Symposium on April 25, in the heart of silicon valley and inviting any and all to attend. We’ve got an amazing lineup of companies presenting, including Nimble Storage, Nimbus Data, Permabit, SolidFire, Violin Memory, Virident, and more to be announced.

And these discussions will be moderated by some seriously-awesome independent storage folks: Chris M EvansHoward Marks, and Nigel Poulton. And we’re thrilled to have Robin Harris delivering the keynote, since he’s been writing quite a bit about solid state storage latelyThis is going to be great!

The coolest thing is this: Everyone is invited to participate!

The event is at the DoubleTree San Jose Hotel, right near SJC airport, and lasts from 9 AM to 4 PM on Wednesday, April 25!

If you’re an analyst or member of the press, drop me a line ([email protected])! Same goes if you’re a company in the space – we still have a bit more space on the panels!

  • stu

    Hi Stephen,
    Good looking event – any possibility of getting Wikibon’s CTO David Floyer in the mix of the discussion (not just as an attendee)? He has strong views on the flash ecosystem and I know that all of your sponsors value his opinion.

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