Announcing “Building Virtual Infrastructure”, My New Seminar Series With Truth in IT

Everyone dreams of a truly virtualized datacenter infrastructure, but how can we get there?

We are at a turning point in IT infrastructure. It is now possible to build a completely virtualized and abstracted data center environment, one where applications and operating systems are completely independent from server, network, and storage hardware. Join me in 2012 at a new all-day in-person seminar series as I work through the challenges of building a virtual data center.

Learn to Build a Virtual Data Center

Building an appropriate environment for virtual machines is quite different from building one for physical machines. Although some of the components are the same, many tried-and-true hardware and architecture choices are no longer optimal for virtualization. This is causing a major upheaval among enterprise hardware and software vendors, as they adapt and jockey for position and mind share.

As I wrote recently, the shocking truth of virtual machine mobility is that it is almost impossible to accomplish without a clean sheet redesign or a bowl of virtualization spaghetti interconnects. This is the core issue that we will tackle in my seminar: How can you build a virtual data center when there is no “magic bullet” technology that makes everything possible?

Join Me In Building Virtual Infrastructure

This seminar series, appropriately titled “Building Virtual Infrastructure,” starts at the end. First, we describe a state-of-the-art virtual data center, before descending into a discussion of the server, networking, and storage components that are required to make this a reality.

After lunch, we will discuss products and technologies more specifically. We’re going to keep these free-form, with the audience deciding which topics to dive into. I expect we’ll spend time on the specifics of VMware technologies like VAAI, DRS, VMotion, VXLAN, and so on.

The seminar is organized by Truth in IT and will begin in Los Angeles and Atlanta in March. Qualified end-user may attend these seminars for free. Registration will open shortly at the Truth it IT website, and I will be posting more information on those dates shortly.

Suggestions and Feedback Welcome

In the mean time, I welcome your content suggestions. Like my Storage for Virtual Environments seminar, all my slides are CC-by-SA licensed, so you can use them yourself.

I also welcome contact from interested sponsors. Each date gives sponsors a chance to tell the audience about their relevant products, and there’s a networking break for attendees and sponsors, too. We’ll also have some give-aways and such to keep it fun.